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Super Talent Vidego 24T


The New Touchy-Feely


by Josh Walrath


            I have to admit, pretty much all of my dealings with Super Talent have been positive.  They sent me some of their original DDR-2 800 DIMMS that simply underpromised but overperformed.  I have bought quite a few of these DIMMS for outside customers, and have recommended them for many users that I know.  The results have always been very positive, and their products have been reliable and sturdy.

            Super Talent is not all about desktop and server memory though, and they have a growing line of MP3/MP4 players that they are pushing out into the market.  Considering that Super Talent is a memory manufacturer, going into flash memory devices just seems a no-brainer.

            Their first series of MP3 players were not exactly met with open arms.  They were priced competitively, but there were some big complaints about overall quality and functionality.  Super Talent apparently took a very good look at what people were saying, and put quite a bit of effort into designing their next batch of players.

            This is my first MP3/MP4 player review since a D-Link unit about 7 years ago.  Since then, D-Link has of course stopped making MP3 players.  Not having had a MP3 player in ages, I was actually quite surprised by how far these products have advanced, and how much less expensive they are these days.


Touch Screen for the Masses (Sorta)

            The VIDEGO 24T is the introductory “touch screen” MP3/4 player from Super Talent.  Saying that it is a touch screen is a bit of a stretch, as the screen itself does not have anything to do with the controls.  Instead Super Talent has forgone the standard push buttons and utilized a touch panel to the right of the screen.

The unit is well protected in the sleeve, and anything less than an anvil falling on the box will leave it unharmed.

            The screen that the player uses is actually quite bright and colorful.  Even though it only supports 262,000 colors, I have noticed few banding issues with the type of usage the unit gets.  The screen is a TFT unit, but the backlight illumination is very even.  The viewing angle for the product is not great, but it certainly is not terrible.  It is rather easy to adjust the angle of the player, seeing as it only weighs about 2 ounces and is the size of a business card.

            The card has 1 GB of flash memory built into it, and also utilizes Micro-SD cards to increase the overall capacity.  For this review Super Talent sent the card with an extra 1 GB Micro-SD card.  Considering that 1 GB Micro-SD modules cost around $11 US, 2 GB are $20, and 4 GB is around $40, it is a very easy and inexpensive way to increase the storage space of this unit.

            The big selling point of this unit is the inclusion of MP4 playback.  Currently the unit only supports AVI files, and these have to be specifically encoded to work on this unit.  Standard AVI files will need to be converted by the tool that Super Talent offers on their website and on the install CD.  Super Talent claims that the unit can support upwards of 25 fps in video playback.

The contents are minimal, but they certainly allow the average user to enjoy the product as intended.  The only downside I have noticed is that a user will not be able to recharge the battery without plugging it into the host computer.

            On the audio side the VIDEGO 24T supports MP3 and WMA formats, all with the maximum and minimum bitrates found in those formats.  64 kbps plays as well as 320 kbps.


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